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How to ask her out?


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Im gona keep the back story kinda short because thats not the reason Im writing this. There's this girl, we've been friends for 3 years. 2 years we were really close and we didnt have any classes the 3rd year, but now we have 2 and are talking to each other quite a bit. It seemed that we could date the first year of our friendship and the second year she got popular, I've improved a lot, both personality and looks. She is a really popular girl and really pretty. Im alright but she could probaly do a lot better in all honesty. We've had a lot of odd events happen she backstabbed me with a girl, I escorted her in a pagaent, she almost dated my best friend, it just kind of goes on, but their the best ones.


Anyhow I wana ask her out, I dont know if I should or shouldnt. Im risking our friendship and possible rejection. But to be honest I cant stand it anymore, Ive got to. Odds are she'll say no but I need closure. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas? I havent asked a girl out in a while, they usually come to me and it was easy lol. And should I call her ( dont do that much at all), instant message (i do that quite a bit), or in person (I never am alone with her). I just dont know....


A few more things before I go, my brother (he's 25) has tickets to see the rollling stones, she told me she wanted to go. We have a ticket for my sister but she doesnt wana go, and I could ask her to that. but the problem is, the concert is 3 or 4 hours away and we'd have to stay the night. I dont think she would wana go with me for it, but its always an option. I appreciate any and all advice.





PS: How important is sports to a girl? (I used to play sports but I suffered an injury lost interest in sports)

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She back stabbed me well. Her best friend who I didnt know at the time, (shes 2 grades higher than me) thought i was cute. And we started talking and seemed like we we're gona date. We talked about going out and well. She put an end to it. I never fully understood why, she said it was an age thing. But that was about a year and a half ago. And Im not trying to spin it to where it looks like she likes me either. because as Ive said she can have almost any guy she wants. And her parents like me quite a bit (her mom thought that she should have gone to our little prom thing with me and her dad was a teacher of mine) so that may help the concert idea if i try it. And your right I should ask her out in person but it's gona be hard for me to be honest. And I really appreciate your advice. its really confusing at the moment.

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