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My First Date (Since the Break-Up)


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Well my first real DATE is tonight. Haven't seen another guy since my ex (2.5 year relationship) dumped me 2 months ago. It's strange because I'm neither nervous nor excited. I don't know how ready I am for this.


I don't want to hurt anyone (especially myself) and I do feel like getting out there and doing things is the right answer. But while I am over the relationship with my ex (it wasn't THAT great) I still don't think I'm completely over my ideals of what my ex was.


I should be so excited, with life and the potential for new love ahead of me. But all I can think about is my ex...


Will this be the case forever?

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Hey Jayar,


With time, you will stop comparing your ex with other men,


The more you date, or the more involved you get with 1 person,


The more he will fade into the background,


Go into this with an open mind and give this guy a chance,


First dates can sometimes be awkward,


So just have fun, have no expectations,


And if it works out, so be it,


If it doesn't, well at least you got out,


Have fun!



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It takes time to get over an ex. Sometimes dating will help, but a lot of times that brings back memories of what you missed with the ex. Sometimes, taking time out and working on yourself for a while is the best way to go at things. Take time out and learn to like yourself and like being alone. Process your feelings about the breakup, then go out and date. Otherwise, you are just quashing your feelings about your breakup, stuffing them away. Sooner or later, those feelings will come up and overwhelm you down the road.

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My first date after my breakup was terrifying. I can relate. Just chalk each of them up to experience. Don't hold yourself to any exacting standards - you're battered but still in the ring, is the way I look at it. Dating should, above all, be about fun. Remember that, and you'll be fine. It will get better. Trust me on that because I've been better lately. Four months after my breakup and I'm dating like a champ. You can, too!

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Well, the date went great. We were both a little awkward but I managed to keep all thoughts of my ex out of my head for the better part of the evening. The guy was fantastic, and he wants to see me again...


Amazingly enough I came home to phone messages from two OTHER guys I've been getting to know for some time now. Go figure, it's like I'm an elk in season to them or something...

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