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Tom Leykis is great..


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His talk show has helped me so much. He has some far out views, but overall his brash sense of humor and callousness is inspiring!!


He has totally made me not want to say one word too her(my ex).. If you live in the Bay Area he's on 106.9. If I had of listened to him before I met her I would have never been in a relationship with her in the first place..


I know a lot of women will not agree with him.. But hey what can I say!!!


Check it out!! Its a bunch of links to some of his shows


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I've listened to Tom develop his act over the years, and have to say he's amusing.


Years ago he did a cruel show about his then-wife's abortion and how he forced her to do it, then he filed for divorce the next day after humiliating her publicly. I think he's despicable, but he has young men in thrall with his theme that sex is war, and all that trendy stuff. Like a broken clock, he's sometimes right.


Not a fan, but if it makes you feel good...

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