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I Don't Know What To Do

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Three weeks prior Tuesday, the 5th, my "ex" gf broke-up with me and I have felt like an emotional wreck ever since. I do not know whether the fact that we broke-up or the fact that we go to the same school hurts more. I feel fine in class, but outside of class (during the morning, breaks, lunch hour, after school), I feel a great deal of anxiety. It felt like my heart was broken into three thousand pieces and I feel cut off from the rest of the world. I get the impression that there is little or no people who wants to listen to my plea. I continuously get the feeling that the break-up was MY fault, whether I was too emotional or she "lost" the feelings that we share together. I have a gut feeling that I suffer from depression. I feel depressed... I cry when I am alone, I have questioned my self-worth, and I get too emotional trying to talk about it. There are times where I feel like a joke... when I feel pathetic, and just stop caring about myself and my surroundings. I haven't had a decent night sleep for the last three weeks. My work has become sluggish and I don't know if I can hold myself together. I have had professional counselling and learned that I am just in a transitional phase called the "Grieving Process." I feel that I am in a constant state of emotional flux... one minute I feel fine, then the next I would be depressed, then angry the next. I keep thinking about her, but my mind keeps telling me to not bother... she may NEVER come back because I messed up. We've had our "shouting matches"... we haven't spoken to eachother in over two weeks and I feel that I am alone. I feel that I royally screwed EVERYTHING up. I am having a hard time at work, and I do have the option of seeking council from the Store Manager... but I keep hesitating. My stress levels have maxed, then continued to increase. I don't speak to her, but she doesn't respect my space and keep her distance from me... it feels that the closer she comes to me, the more angrier or more depressed I get... and it is really bugging me. I have told this to one person and that person says that I am just taking this too hard... does anyone here share the same belief?


Also, I was just wondering, since I feel depressed and alone; is it normal to seek out a close friend to spend time with to help feel better? I am in a School Band and there is this one girl who is a close friend of mine, but I do not know if it is appropriate to ask her if I can spend some time with her. Can someone tell me if that is sometimes normal, to seek out a close friend (even though that person is of the opposite gender) to help make one's self feel a little better?

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Sounds like a broken heart Well I've been going through something similar. For a few weeks now, I've been a wreck. Off and on crying and stuff. (and i'm an 18 year old boy) so I felt weird. But yea, I talked to my parents, which helped so much. And I started hanging out with close friends. They were more than happy to help me out. What you're going through is completely normal though, we all experience it Also, enotalone.com has really helped me through it. Hope this helps a bit!

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Dude all your feelings are normal and nothing to get down on yourself about. No need to blame yourself for the relationship because most likely the things you are blaming the break up have nothing to do with it. In any case blame gets you nowhere so accept it that you are not perfect like everyone else is not, and that includes her too. She had her share in what went down and it might've been completely her fault to be honest.


So do this, hell yeah you should be talking to that other girl. You should be talking to a ton of other girls right now, get out there and do that. It'll help your state of mind. And don't be afraid to talk to your manager and post often on here. All of this will help you cross over the hump and get you out of the funk.

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