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In need of advice on getting past insecurities...

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Well, maybe she left but I wanted to add that what disturbed me about the tone of her posts was her insistence that it was her problem - her insecurities. Look, that's a subjective line to draw and yes in some cases it is clear when the person is being unreasonable (like a good friend of mine who would get nervous if her husband went out with his guy friends simply because there would be women around - he never ever did anything to cause her to feel the least bit worried - she knew it was unreasonable) - and here, well, I think she's being dismissive of her own feelings in order to not rock the boat.


I think I am reasonably secure but yes I would be bothered by my significant other viewing internet porn that often - or frankly, at all - not just because of the comparison thing but because it is cringeworthy - that is on a personal level - I find it sleazy and it would be so out of character for my bf to do that, I would wonder who he really is. I also have a problem with her thinking it is "common" as one of the others suggested in this thread. None of my serious boyfriends has been into it.


Just wanted to share.

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I am curious - maybe at some time, I can set up an anonymous poll... but I do believe that porn is pretty common. After all, it is the #1 business on the internet, by a long shot. And there are more porn websites than any other kind of website out there. So.... someone is paying $$$ into this multibillion dollar industry, and someone is viewing all of these websites. so, I would say that it is pretty common, not just 1% of adult men doing it.


Here is just one website with statistics of usage:


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