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First time posting here...my gf of 5 months broke up with me about a month ago. She was an international student here studying and we were good together. A month ago, she graduated and had to make up her mind about staying here or going back home. She was heavily considering staying for me, but in the end, her parents were insistent that she go back, and in some ways she was not used to life here either. She broke up with me because she didn't see any point in latching onto me any further, and when I suggested that I could go back with her, she refused because she thought I would be happier staying here and that moving back with her would give her pressure.


It's been a month and I feel a bit better, but deep in my heart I still love her (even though we were only together 5 mos) and I believe she still feels the same way about me. It's been really hard not contacting her. I keep thinking that there's somehow someway for us to be together, but is it foolish of me to keep holding on to that hope?

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Welcome to ENA kuwakodono! Great to have you around here...


Well, it sounds to me like she is gone, physically and emotionally. I have been in her place, been in your place and in both cases, there was nothing there.


Why do you believe she feels the same way? What concrete evidence has she given you to lead you believe this is truth and not just what you want to believe?


Unless she calls you everyday, sends you letters regularly, tells you that she misses you and is talking about plans to get together...this is done and you are better off detaching for a long time and waorrying about friendship later...because you can't have true frienship if one person's heart is fluttering and the other's isn't.

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