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When a guy says "I love You" do they usually mean it?


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He was holding me in his arms cuddling with me and kissing me a little.

then said how he would want to die if anything happened to me.

then he said "I love you" and I said "I love you too" back to him.

He also said there is no rush and we can take everything slow.

I was so nervous being that close to him ..but yet so comfortable and safe at the same time (if that makes any sense

I will take it slow ..even though that may prove to be difficult.


He also does not seem the kind of guy to say I love you to just anyone ...

who knows maybe he does love me (I hope)..anyway I will keep my fingers crossed and not get carried away either.I am trying to keep myself together a guy has never said "I love you" to me before so it kind of threw me for a loop...seems my life just did a 180 turn...

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Is this the guy from the last thread ( ), if so I'd say yes, he's been your friend for long enough prior and should know whether or not he loves you.


Though bear in mind guys often say things without realizing the implications or the impact our words will have on other people.

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Yes it is the same guy.I do adore this guy and love him & he knows I do.

That is why with him knowing how strong my feelings are for him..I don't think he would say something like that without meaning behind it,I wouldn't think much of him as a friend if he did that without meaning it because obviously that would hurt me a great deal,and he would undoubtdly ruin what a wonderful friendship we have.

hopefully he is being true.

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