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For all you folks who have been "in love" before..

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I was in love once. A long time ago. Love means pain. Giving up all of yourself and trusting someone with that. Loving someone brings joy to you, but being loved in return has no comparable feeling. When in love you don't just view someone's life as "equal to your own." That life is more important than yours. You would die for that person. Once you accept that you're already dead, you can truly live.

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Thanks mel, and to use your metaphor here to translate, what I am asking here, is from someone who has only had, and tasted apples, what does an orange look, feel, and taste like in comparison?



The apple: As the depiction of original sin, leads to a loss of innocence, while also not providing anything of substance in an of itself, merely loss, embarrassment, suffering. The fruit is ever tempting and easy to taste, and may even be temporarily satisfying, though bland or sweet, juicy or pulpy depending on the particular fruit. Leaves a core that is thrown away after getting tired of chewing. Occasionally boiled under great stress and mashed up to be served as a sidedish.


The orange: Needs to have the bitter peel removed before its sweet succulence may be savored. While, on rare occasion, it is can be a bit sour, most often it is an enjoyable thing that can be taken in sections, each a whole unto themselves. Not all of the sections may be perfect, nor equally formed but, they together form the totality of the fruit... thus, even their imperfections are perfect. Once relished, the seeds may be planted to bear further fruit... allowing one to savor the experience over and over while never needing, or even wanting, for another.


[Also.. to note.. Oranges are higher in protein, have nearly 10 times the vitamin C content and the peel can be grated as flavoring for tea and many fine dishes ]

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Love is sincerely caring about someone. You would do just about anything possible to see them happy. Love is that connection you feel with someone that you can't explain. You feel close to them without being physical. It's wanting to know someone more even if you know them well. Love is the patience to listen to someone whenever they need to talk and comforting them comes naturally. Seeing them cry hurts. Their smile makes you warm. You smile not by your lips, but from your heart. Silences are not awkward. Things others find annoying you don't.


Love is the ability to see an imperfect person perfectly.


I feel this about almost everyone I get to know well, both male and female. Sometimes I even feel this with a complete stranger whom I've had the opportunity to cross paths with and share an intimate moment via a real and engaging conversation. Strange, perhaps I do know what love means, or entails? *scratches head, bewildered and completely perplexed*

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its weird but you cant wait to see them butterflies and excitement come all the time and you think of them you kiss the air at the thought of them you want to hold them make them happy make their favourite meal and speak to them you hear their voice talk to you - you think how they feel about things you look at books they may be interested in you wash their pants - you look into their soul and eyes - you can sit in silence and be happy you love them even though you dont always konw it but you do and sometimes you dont but really you do - helpful hey?

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