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confused, friend zone?


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I think I am in the friend zone. This girl used to like me, I had no idea, but then I told her that I liked her and wanted to know if she wanted to go out sometime, just me and her. Then she was like shocked, then the next time we met we couldn't talk. I called her a few days later, and said I'm sorry for what I said, that it has made things weird between us and I hate not being able to talk to you like before. She agreed, but now I sometimes intentionally dont go out with my friends because I know that she is there.


It bothers me to see her, and I see her everyday at school and after school at practice. I feel regret for not asking her sooner than I did. I mean, why are things so confusing? She calls me and hangs out with me sometimes, but I get disgusted being around her because it brings up all these feelings that I have for her. I feel that sometimes I should just stop being a "friend" and stop being around her. It's so hard to move on, but I think I'll have to and if I'm not around her that it will make it easier.

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