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Unexpected College Rez Reunion

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Yesterday I moved in to my college residence. When I moved in to the dorm however at registratioin I saw a ex-friend (female) whom last year I had asked out and she'd rejected me. This wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that when she had rejected my attempt at asking her out last year I exploded at her getting pretty angry and I put an end to our friendship. Looking back I believe I overreacted a bit. I don't entirely regret ending the friendship as I think I had to in order to pursue other women, but I did so in a very immature way which was mostly the result of me having little experience with relationships and women at that point in my life and me thinking that I honestly loved her and couldn't believe she didn't feel the same way.


Since then I've gained alot more experience in relationships and I no longer feel too angry at her. Also, we weren't just friends but fairly close friends for about 2 years before I ended our friendship. At registration we sort of saw eachother but we both awkwardly pretended we weren't looking at eachother etc. and although that worked the day of, I'm going to be living in that residence for the next year and it seems a bit silly for us to pretend we don't know eachother if we run in to eachother again when we were good friends for 2 years before breaking contact with eachother.


So what I'm asking is, should I take the initiative and say "hello" to her if I see her (which I definitely will) in the next few days. On the one hand I think maybe I should for the reasons I mentioned above as well as the fact that I don't think I'd mind being "just friends" with her anymore as I guess I've taken her off the pedastal I had her on and realize now she's not the perfect girl. Also, I'm just starting out at college and have a few friends but not many so getting to know her again would help expand my social circle which is always a good thing.


On the other hand though, I'm worried that if I try and start up a conversation and catch up she'll ignore me or at the very least, I'd eventualy have to talk about what happened to our friendship which would be very awkward. I also wouldn't want to give her the impression that I've "come crawling back" to her...if that makes sense


Basically it's a struggle between having a very awkward conversation with her or awkwardy seeing eachother around the building and not takling. I don't know if the reason she didn't come say hello or acknowledge me herself was because she thinks I'm still mad at her and wants me to make the first step, or because she hates my guts and doesn't want anything to do with me.

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haha this is a pretty tough question!!! I had a falling out with a girl like that, and we haven't talked ever since.. and we were on the same swim team!! (talk about ackward) I don't think there is any harm in simply being friendly..... there was a girl (diffrent) that we kind of fell out of being friends after some weird-going-ons with my room mate and her... and she was at my house today cuz she knows one of my friends. and i was just polite and made chat-chit whenever it was starting to feel ackward or whatever, it actually wasnt THAT bad, since most of the time the other person has forgiven or forgotten w/e happened to break the friendship apart (usually, except in extreme cases)


I say just talk to her if you pass by, but dont go out of your way ^_^

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