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Ticklish girly bits

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I am putting this under body because I have no idea where to put this.


Weird, sex/personal question of sorts. Well me and my bf were messing around and I kept jumping. He asked why, I said well that was tickling me. I am very ticklish, all over. And I do mean ALL over. So he was like wow, I have never ever ever even heard of someone being ticklish there... I always just assumed it was normal and other people had that too. He thinks I am a mutant of sorts lol.


So anyone ever heard of someone being so ticklish that... those bits are too? (I dont know what words we can say in here that arent cencored, but ya get the idea im sure lol). And if so is there a way to help that at all? Its actually quite bad and sometimes very much interrupts things

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hi, i know where you are coming from, im the same lol.if we are in bed at night, my man cant even breathe on my back/neck etc because it tickles so much, he finds it cute and funny now, but at first he felt like he couldnt touch me anywhere...legs/arms/stomach etc i dont know why im like this, i just always have been lol..the only place i can stand being tickled is my feet

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I can be ticklish at times too. But it seems that I am usually most ticklish when I have the thought in my mind that it's going to tickle. Maybe that doesn't make sense?


Anyways, maybe he can try touching you harder. Not to the point where it hurts, but like maybe he's touching you too lightly and that's why it tickles so much? I guess it's worth a try!

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I like the name of this thread....


Okay. I like meow's idea... Now you can consider the source, but I am HORRIBLY ticklish for normal things, and jumpy to boot, but I like the rougher end of the sexual spectrum and I don't think other than one or two tickly freak-outs that I have had a problem with it in the bedroom....


Maybe what I am saying is that yall are too tame...??? Possibly??


Tell him to rough you up a little, push you around, hold your arms above your head and go for it. Tell him not to go easy. If you don't like it, I am sure that you could set up a safe word ahead of time so he would stop...


Maybe the concentration on the passion of the moment will take your mind off your tickle spots and put it on your g spots.

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