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i'm lost, met a girl, hit it off, alittle odd, but she was cute, didn't want anything serious. things started to grow, but then also fell apart. both started playn games. drifted. there was a time where she chased me, then i chased her. tried to meet a few times, said ok, but never showed, said bump it, so i did the same...got too weird. alwas had an excuse. she has a drinking problem which i assumed had something to do with it. as for me, i have a touching problem, as in touching other girls while i'm seeing one, but was kinda hope'n we could help one another...the last time we tried to meet, she stood me up again, so i said no when she tried again, she said she wnated to tell me something, so like a fool, agreed, sent a text when i got home, didn't hear anything back. so shut the door a final time.


woulden't you know it, next day she comes back with "please don't hate me, grandfather died had to fly to london". didn't want to be a dushe (sp?) but i was done, said sorry about the news... she starts say'n she wants me, so on. i asked what she wanted from me, and what will the excuse be this time. said no excuse, wants just me. blah blah. (not try'n to be cold, just burnt out) i write music, did asong about us, if ya wanna hear it, go to


link removed


it's called "kath". after all the crap, it just came out. 3rd party says were just play'n games, i blew her off, she blew me off, give and take. after the song, and all the BS. should i care, try to do something, or let it be. i sent her a text about the song, told her it was kinda messed up. made me re-think if meeting up was really worth it. she replied with "really don't know right now" * * *? siad she'd listen to it. haven't herd from her since. 3rd party-friend and i talk still, she's the gossip type so i don't know how to take what she says. claims i care about the girl more than i admit, which is true to a point. when i met kat, didn't want a relationship, but the way she touched my face when she thought i was asleep knocked down walls i had built. fet invaded. she made me feel great, truly, but i fear games got in the way. i know this is long, i'm sorry, i live in a small town so wanted an outsiders advice.


if you listen to the song, let me know how you think she may have taken it. tried to be light hearted about the song when i told her i posted it. said it made me horny, which is true, but i'm partly sadistic. thats me being playful so she didn't think i was just being a jerk. music is my diary. hard to control what goes in, have to be honest to me, but when i wrote the song, i was pretty fed up.

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Too many games of cat and mouse being played here and these kinds of situations never turn out pretty. At this point things should be very direct, either you two are together in a relationship or not. If not, then cut contact as she's not the one for you.


Agreed! Drama and games are never a good thing.

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