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Well, new girl..


I met her online, she lives in my area but was currently a couple provinces away for a while,coming back at the end of summer..


We exchanged pictures, we talked, proclaimed that we were intrested in eachother and wanted to meet. Then the next day i found out she had a boyfriend.. Things got weird fast, but she said she was looking because she was moving back to my area soon, and didnt want a long distance relationship with her current bf.


Well we stopped talking.


Then yesterday she contacted me via MSN, and we started talking again, and she told me she was finally home, and asked if i still wanted to go on a date with her. I said yes. We talked for a bit, and made a plan to go out thursday of friday.. Everything was good.


Today i wake up, and she has since come online, and put (heart) DAN (heart) in her name. (dan is her ex(?)-bf). The hole reason i found out the first time was she put (dan i love you your mine forever) in her name.


is up here?? The first time around i got totally infatuated with this girl and it hit me hard to find out she still had a bf. This time around, im smarter, im not totally into like i was before, and im taking it as it comes.


Just looking for opinions on why she keeps doing this? Is she screwing with me or what?


I dont have a problem if she just misses her ex, were not involved yet, but it doesnt seem that simple to me.

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Confront her on it because you can't pretend to be cool with seeing stuff like this. Actually calling her out on it has a good chance of getting her to gain interest in you.


You're not here to waste your time and you don't want her if that's all she's going to do so go get some answers.


Did that just yesterday, i only have her email. So i have to wait for a responce

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Way ahead of you. My only intrest in this girl is to date her. We were never friends to begin with, and not wanting to meet me isnt gonna make us friends either. I dont get her. And it just gets on my nerves to think about trying to make sense of all this.

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