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Fighting the jealousy beast


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Jealousy, an awful feeling of anger, hurt, wistful thinking. How to cope? That's the question. One loves, one wants, one can't have. One watches as the other likes someone else. Jealousy burns like a flame inside, all consuming, hurtful. One is still friends. Watching as the object of his/her jealousy loves someone else. Wistfully wishing it was you that was the object of their love. Yet, friendship is still kept.


How to cope? How to deal? How to prevail and win the affection back that one once had? A burning desire, a burning heat, never to be quenched. Watching, waiting, hoping. Friendship is all that is left of the ashes. A friendship hard won but hard kept. Friendship that burns and hurts but slakes the thirst somewhat.

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Hey Henny,


How to win back the affection you once had?,


Are you sure that you want to win it back,


If jealousy was a source of the problems,


Why not work on that instead,


And then you can approach the dating scene,


With a new outlook instead of jumping back into the same relationship,


That was crumbling already, and may not ever be saved,





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