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The horrored answer.


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why do you say she rejected me...I've been rejected MANY many times, and they were straight out rejections, or girls who say they'll think about it, and then they call me, write me a letter or somethign saying no...straight out no.


She said "sorry" and she said she had to pick up her daughter...fair enough, I take that as a no, I'm not so bothered with going out with her at the moment, I would just like to find out why she feels like a perv?



she rejected you - you asked her out, she knew you meant it as a date, and she wouldn't go out with you. That's rejection. I wouldn't care why she would feel as a perv, I would just assume that she thought it was extremely strange to be asked out by an 18 year old guy and that she was not attracted to you.


I want to stress that she knew you meant it as a date - not just friendly coffee. Had she thought it was a friendly coffee she would not have said the "I'd feel like a perv.." thing.


You need to start controlling your emotions - you're totally losing control of yourself by the sound of what happened in martial arts. That's scary, so get a grip, start strict no contact to that girl. Don't even look at her, change martial arts club like was suggested. And DON'T think about her ever again.

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I did have another big post here...but there is no point in trying to defend myself, the argument will only go in circles.

Today, I kindof actually spoke to her...I realise what the problem with talking to her now is...I don't like saying "hi" to people or talking to people who have their back turned.


Because I'm usually helping teach classes..the only time I get to go over to where she is, is when taking our little card things (shows how many days we've been training), back to one of the other people working at the place, and usually, she'll be talking to another adult, or her back will be turned, while she is getting something from her bag or something...


I DID actually talk to her though, but not chat to her, if you get what I mean.

I had to go turn the radio off, and she was infront of it, I just excused myself and said I need to get to the radio to turn it off, and she said "oh!..whoops" and moved aside for me.

Nothing big, but...it's better than saying nothing to her at all.

My vision is also short for some reason...lately it's been short, and naturally I had long vision, so now, a few metres ahead of me is kindof blurry, well not a few, about 10-15metres is blurrier than usual, sometimes she'd be looking my way, and it felt like she was looking right at me, but I couldnt see, because of my vision


We did have a bit of eye contact tonight, (when I could see but yeah, I think on tuesday midday, I should be fine to talk to her again...like I said, the only way I can't talk to her is when it would be rude to, that is when she has her back turned, or if she's talking to someone else already.

If I don't at least say hi to her, I'm going to appear to be immature, she did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong, nothing IS wrong, but my behaviour was like there was something wrong, and I wasnt feeling all too secure about it...so I definitely need to change that.


Anyway...it's all good, I appreciate your comments, even if it isn't what I would like to hear, it IS YOUR opinion and I believe that is what I asked for


Uhm, If something big does happen, I might make another thread, and try and get a moderator to delete this one, because yeah, everytime I post, it's either really late when I'm tired and grumpy, or really early...when I am tired and grumpy, lol.


Thanks all

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