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I've been with my gf for almost 2 years and well around 6 months in we had sex. we were both virgins, and well we've done it every once and a while, usually in the car for lack of privacy. and for some reason I cum very soon, I barely last long. when we started I lasted a decent while but recently I've been terrible and its depressing. she says its nothing but I know it is. any tips on how to last my performance? only once within the last few months was I happy with my performance. is there any way I can last longer? it's very embarrassing.

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Yeah Durex makes a brand as well, Performax so you can try those. You can get some spray which does the same thing. Some docs perscribe anti-depressants as they can help, but you don't want the side effects so I'd stay away from that. There is some supplement called Deferol which is supposed to help, never tried it though. Might be worth a shot.


For the condoms you're going to want to wait about a minute for the solution to kick in then feel free to go to town. Also be careful not to let any of the substance get out cause it will numb her too and THAT AIN'T PRETTY!

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