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Ugh big spider in my room :O

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Stop you are gonna be charged with cruelty to creepy crawly things and all of its family is gonna come and haunt you. Just kill it or catch it with something and throw it out the window unless you want to keep it and take it to a vet tomorrow so they can tell you what kind it is anyway good luck and dont let the bed bugs in your case creepy crawlys bite.

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Get fly spray and spray it, or get a container and putit out side. By the way its just a spider, it wont kill ya and your bigger than it


Hmm stomping.. he/she can't help it that he/she is in my room This is a big one as well.. like the mouse of my computer (in length) and a big black body and hard big legs
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Lol why dont ya pick it up with yur hands if you are gental with it, it shouldnt bit you, but if you hurt it it mite


Kita, wish you were here to help me

Or maybe I wish I wasn't because you'ld laugh with me

guess this is a good excuse for me to look at this forum until my sweet neighbour wakes up

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