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Famous (and infamous) age gap relationships ;)

Baby Carrot

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Guess we (common people) are not the only weirdos involved in age gap relationships. I can think of:

  • Ashton Kutcher (28 ) and Demi Moore (44).
  • Anna Nicole Smith (in her 20's at the time) and J. Howard Marshall II (in his 60's at the time)
  • Soon-Yi Previn (36, former step-daugher) and Woody Allen (71)
    image removed
  • Christopher Knight (49, from The Brady Bunch) and Adrianne Curry (24, From America's Next Top Model)... hoties!

image removed



And some cool movies about age gap relationships:

  • "Lost in Translation" (with Bill Murray -55- and Scarlett Johansson -playing 25-)
    image removed
  • "Prime" (with Uma Thurman -37- and Bryan Greensberg - playing 23-)
  • "Monster" (with Charlize Theron -30 something- and Christina Ricci -20's-)
    image removed
  • "Lolita" (A middle-aged novelist falls in love with a 16-year-old girl)


Can you guys remember other celebs or movies?

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Katherine Zita Jones is damn fine!

Just watch the entrapment and you'll see that fine body moving around ever so smoothly and gracefully...Sean Conner agreed with that in the movie as he checked her moves out when training her in the lazer practise room thing.


There are some movies I have just seen with age gap relationships, I just cannot remember them for the life of me...I just saw one of them aswell :S


Damn, I'm 18 and i've already got Alzheima's :S

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