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Would you have a partner outside of your race?

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Okay before I moved to Mississippi, I lived all over Europe and some of the states and for the most part, I was only attracted to white men. I'm African American by the way. In Europe, it was the Italian guy or the German guy. When I moved to Indianapaolis, all of my crushes were white guys. I was very color blind. But...when I moved to Mississippi, all of that changed. From my high school to the neighborhood to news events, everything was seemingly separated. It was almost like you knew which side you better be on or else. That's when I started appreciating my race and culture more and looked at black men as the kings that my grandparents used to say. I still have that today. So it's not so much that I wouldn't date outside my race. I'm proud of being black so I would want my husband and children to feel the same about it. I don't know if that's racist as opposed to just being proud.

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