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Iv entitled this topic 'Why?' becuase im completely confused at the moment


my GF dumped me yesterday becuase i said a few simple words. we were talking about marriage and i started singing 'here comes the bride large fat and wide' ...and she thought i meant herself which i didnt becuase i would never think that.


I keep thinking she takes stuff like too seriosly but when i tried talking to her about it, she pushes me away and cant be bothered


I honestly dont know what to do ... its causing my depression to come back aswell which isnt good. i keep getting suicidal feelings.

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How well were you getting along in the relationship before that, if it was rough going, maybe she wanted out and this is the excuse she's using.


I have a large sister and I know large girls can be extremely sensative about their weight, if she's a big girl and you sang that, I expect she did think you were singing it to her and she's gonna be cut up. You have some serious grovelling to do, unless she IS just using this as an excuse to get away from you.

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nope ...everything was fine lol she probably cudnt of been happier. its just that she gets angry sometimes


i noticed things when we were in the relationship aswell ... when i came back from holiday, she asked me if id cheated on her. (so i got thinking thiers no trust). When she saw my 'myspace' she started asking about all my friends ...getting jelous of people. And when we went to this farm .. thier was a girl walking round who rides the horses and my GF said 'look at her in those clothes ..tart' .. i had to agree but reluctantly because she wasnt doing any harm .. just looking after the horses

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Ok so we know she might have a little jelousy problem, but if she called the girl a tart (the one with the horses) it was probably because she was jelous if the girl had a nice body. Maybe she needs a lot more reasurance, tell her regularly how much you feel for her, how beautiful she is etc, she does need to hear it and it will help your relationship out immensly because she'll feel really assured that she's the one for you.

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I hate how this is going to come out, but quite honestly:

They'res other fish in the sea.

You've become acoustumed to one girl, that doesnt make her mrs right.


I mean, seriously mate, she dumped you over a primary school spoof lyric. Come on.

People don't change, she wont change, you wont change. Once you get back together, it's a matter of time before she does this again. And again. And again. And again.


Have you ever seen a couple that have broken up/got back together dozens of times? There's a reason they keep doing that, it's an incompatability.


In my opinion you need to go out and look some more, or let them come to you.

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