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Can't seem to get/stay angry...

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I don't know if this is a problem or not, for a long time I thought it was completely normal, but recently friends - as well as eNotalone - has shown me that I might be an exception...


I can't seem to get angry, and on the rare occasions I do, I stay angry all of a few minutes before letting it go... I don't just mean the flashes of anger everyone gets from things like Road Rage - I don't get those either, but my parents do - but things I could and should be angry about just seem to melt away.


An example is this:

- not a huge issue in the grand scheme of things, but big to me. It's been just over a day, and I know I have the right to remain angry, I know I should still be angry... but I'm ready to forgive her like nothing happened.


Or when I was unfairly treated at my job earlier in the year, I didn't get angry, I just decided it wasn't worth working at a place that wouldn't show me the respect I showed it. No swearing or stewing or kicking... just acceptance...


I don't even know if this is an issue... is there a psychological condition preventing me from getting angry? Is there something wrong with me? It just seems in comparison to the people around me I have no temper...

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I have a temper like you. I can go for years without losing my temper. But when I do lose it it's over with in a few minutes. There's many a time I lost my temper and went home. The next time I saw the family member, etc., it was as if nothing had happened.


Unfortunately, one of my sister's and my Mother are the total opposite and drag loads of things into arguments from the past.


I'm interested to know what birth sign you are? I'm on the Cancer/Leo cusp.

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I don't get very angry either. I get a little passive-aggressive, but that's another story =;


Anyways, it takes a lot before I blow. I tend to rationalize myself out of anger, so it takes a lot of repeated incidents before I get angry. Then I blow up rather scarily, then calm down as fast as this guy --->


I think no feelings are normal or abnormal, just points along a spectrum. Some people get angry easily and they are one end of the spectrum. Other people are more laid back and are at the other.


Don't worry about it. I think being slow to anger is a good trait!

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Hey sumguy, in my opinion, theres nothing wrong with you, CoffeeGirl84 is right, its just your personality. Think of it as a blessing, i have the worst road rage, and keep grudges for the littlest things for years... anger just gets in the way of moving on.


Be careful with some people, if you continuesly forgive them, because its in your nature, there going to make a habbit of letting you down.

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Ah, how your little pet fears run away with you in the dead of the night, by day this seems more than a little silly... =P


I agree with you Cuddlebear, but I almost always stand up for what I believe in, so I don't think I'm at risk there - at least I hope not >.


I'm interested to know what birth sign you are? I'm on the Cancer/Leo cusp.


...lol, same...


Thanks guys... ^_^

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I wish I could be like that, and genuinely be that way...


I'm working through issues of internalized anger. I used to just let everything role off my back and think nothing of it. Now, I'm realizing that I am pissed off about certain things in the past...


Lately, I am altering my behaviors to be less angry.


Be thankful that you have this "problem." I wish I could be like you naturally...

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