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Reasons to try again with an ex?

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I've never gotten back with an ex before and I guess that's because I never loved any of them while I dated them so how could I love them if we gave it another go?

I think if you broke up with your partner on a mature level, just for some space but you still LOVED them afterwards, you'd give them time but then go back to them and try again because you wouldn't want to let that love go.

If someone has cheated or lied and you feel insecure about trusting them then there is no point in getting back with them because you wouldn't be able to look past that.

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I just got back with an exbf three months ago.


I went out with him for a couple of months and the feelings were intense and we told each other we loved one another. One day he broke up with me because he didn't see a future.


ten months later after mourning for him and then getting my life back on track, I called him up because I wanted something back. He apparently wanted to start seeing me again and was very persistent. I hesitated at first but yielded because I was lonely.


now I am having second thoughts. Everytime he sees me, he tells me he loves me but I see the same things that occurred before the breakup last year happening again. This time, I have my emotions in check. I am confused and am interested in dating other guys.


I don't have the heart to tell him.


so, no....if it didn't work out the first time, it won't the second.

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