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Going out with friends including one in particular


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Ok well this story is kind of hard to tell. Theres this girl, who I've been friends with for 3 years. has a little more details. We've been a little flirty and seemed like we could end up dating. But she got shot way up the ladder. And now Im better suited to try and get her. Anyhow, some friends of mine have gone out before and hung out (girls and guys), and she hasnt gone with us, I asked her once but because of a few complications it didnt work. I asked her today if she'd like to come along with us tomorrow and she seemed interested but would have to wait and see what happens tomorrow first. And Im kinda nervous on how to act, and behave. Because Im still not sure if i have a shot with her. (its really compicated between us) We're gona go bowling if we go, so Im not sure how to act. And my friend is gona be there who almost dated that girl, the girl use to ask me about him a lot, but after my little change she hasn't mentioned him once Still Im not sure, Im kinda worried. Anyone have any tips, and also since its not a date I dont know how to act about that. Its just compicated, I guess. And does anyone have any tips as to tell if I have a shot with her, like actions she does?




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