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okay, I decided to move out of my current place as things between my room-mate and I just weren't working out (he owns the home) I gave him my notice in late July, and have been staying with my bf on and off for the month. I am moving to a new place tomorrow. Tonight, I got a voicemail from my room-mate basically saying that if I did not come and get my stuff by noon tomorrow, it would be taken out to the Salvation Army. No way is that happening! The only reason I didn't call him earlier was because it has taken me all week to get a truck booked, and I only just found out today that I cannot use it until 3 PM. He has someone moving in to my old room at 12 PM. I just wish he had called and let me know earlier. I just feel pretty angry at this whole situation. I don't trust the guy. There is something about him that does not sit well with me, and he totally intimidates me. I hate how things went in the end, but I had no set time to move out, so what could I have told him, really? Anyways, tomorrow I'm getting up early and my bf and I will use his car to move the small things to my new place, and bring the bigger things (bed, dresser) outside and it will be driven by the truck later in the afternoon. It's all worked out,but I just feel hurt that he thinks I would just take off without my stuff, like some kind of kid (I've had to abandon my things twice before) and I can't go through having to replace everything a third time. I don't think I could handle it. I guess I'll just be glad when I'm out. I left him a voicemail, telling him of my plans, and hopefully my stuff will be there waiting for me as I left it!

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