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Hey, Im really not sure what advice Im looking for to be 100% honest. Im just confused to be honest. Theres this girl (yah i know its cliche), we've been friends for 3 years, 2 of the years we were real good friends. Last year we had no classes so we didnt see each other any so as a result we weren't very close. This year we have 2 classes together so we're seeing a lot more of each other. And over the summer I got contacts and some really nice clothes in New York (Im from VA) so I look a lot better. Anyhow I wana be more than just friends, and we seem to really enjoy being around each other. And lately we've been making more eye contact and smiles and laughs and stuff like that. And she use to ask me about a friend of mine a lot but she hasnt mentioned him at all in the last 16 days we've seen each other. But the flipside is she's one of the most popular girls in my school, and some of the top guys have and do compete for her and I just dont feel I have much of a shot. And I really dont know what to do, I had an idea, my friends sometimes get together on the weekend and I was considering asking her to go. I fear rejection and loss of friendship and akwardness a lot. Anyone have any ideas to tell if she likes me, or what I should do or anything. To be honest Im just confused.





PS theres a long history between us i skipped in the hopes of saving time.

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What you need to do is let her know you want to spend time with her. If she rejects you, fine. The way you'll be sure not to destroy your friendship is if you handle the rejection well. All you need to say, is 'No problem, just thought I'd ask." Then go on as normal. Don't act mean or weird after that. Then she will not only still regard you the same, but she will also have time to think about it, and possibly change her mind. However if you respond to rejection by acting like a jerk, then of course you will not only ruin any possible chance with her in the future, but you will also ruin your friendship.

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