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5 wonderful things about our relationships or SO

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Let's be positive and list some of the great things about our relationships or about our Signifigant others.

Me first:


1. I can tell him anything and he will listen.

2. He makes me laugh

3. He pays for stuff ( I appriciate this lately a bunch , since I'm unemployed.

4. He is the best at giving oral sex I have ever felt in a man

5. He's thoughtful, he thinks things through, he's smart and open to new experiences and information.

bonus 6: having this relationship gives my life balence, focus, hope for things I had stopped hoping for.

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1. He dosen't think I am insane

2. He laughs at my jokes (genuinely) and actually gets sarcasm

3. He likes that I am independent, and is willing to fit into MY life and not vise versa

4. We share similar sexual appetites.... Grrrrr....

5. He is almost more knowledgable about my field than I am... He can follow any conversation that I could possibly start... and he is so opposite from me that we will never run out of things to fight and make up about...

BONUS: he has the sexiest bottom lip that I have ever seen in my life...

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I like the idea of this thread...so I'm just gonna do this about my ex!


1. He is very supportive and lets me be myself no matter what.

2. He is great with kids (he'll make a great dad one day!)

3. He has a strong sense of self and doesn't take other people's crap.

4. He's the only person I've met whose idea of a good time is the same as mine.

5. He is selfless and will do anything for the people he cares about.

BONUS: Although we're no longer together (for now at least), he taught me to love myself to the point where the breakup didn't shatter my self-esteem!

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yay! a positive topic


1. He doesn't take himself too seriously

2. He's so fun to be around, and we are crazy together

3. His bum,and hair, and eyes...

4. We are every like-minded and are silly together

5. He can also be serious and he is there for me, whenever I need him

BONUS- I can talk to him about anything. He is the one person I am completely honest with


I cheated lol

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1. She knows when too much talking is too much talking

2. She has the cutest scrunchie face when she's laughing hard or mortified

3. She understands everything i say

4. She understands practice makes perfect as far as sex goes

5. She has a phenomenal body that she's completely unaware of posessing

BONUS: She's mine

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Ok i'll go too!


1. He has the greatest butt ever!...in fact it's more pert than mine!

2. He makes me smile so much

3. He always gives me kisses & hugs me

4. He brought me all the way from scotland to the US to live with him!

5. He does everything he can to make me happy

6. He's so cute

7. I know he loves me unconditionally

8. We have the best sex ever!

9. He loves me for me.


Oh I really enjoyed doing that!....

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1. He makes me laugh when i'm sad

2. he loves me as I am, always says I'm pretty even though I think I'm not.

3. He devotes as much time as he can to me.

4. He gives the best sex ever.

5. I can say with confidence that he loves me, no matter what.

6. He is always the first to apologize whether he thinks he's right or wrong.

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about my exbf


1. in the beginning when we met I thought it wouldn't be my 'type' also judging on the outside and to me he didn't look that beautiful but the longer I loved him the more beautiful he looks to me and now I can't imagine anyone more beautiful

2. Also the 'bonus' that we were like friends for 2months (maybe that's not that long) before we were really together

3. I like most of his principles and points of view

4. I like his taste, his smell

5. Respect is very important to him

6. He used to be quite soft in being

7. He's social and also b/c of that he usually has got a lot to talk about

8. I like it when he's doing something original

9. That he's naïve and not yet always sure of himself sometimes makes it cute

10. The fact I can let him forget his worries and could give him good advice makes me feel good

11. He used to help people and doesn't need anything in return

12. He's intelligent as well and with other things than I so it keeps interesting

13. His style that is typical in his family, and I usually like them as well (so it reminds me and gives a close and well-known feeling)

14. He's working hard as well

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It makes me smile doing this:


1) Makes me believe that there is someone out there for all of us

2) He can make me laugh or smile no matter what... even when he really makes me mad.

3) He has dreams and aspirations.

4) He usually puts his head on my shoulder when we sleep.

5) He has an amazing body... wish he knew it.



Bonus: He's my heart



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1. he doesn't mind if the alarm clock goes off and is really loud and i will hit the snoooze button 50 times

2. he doesn't mind taking gunk out of my mouth after dental surgery

3. he doesn't make me feel silly when i have to do #2 and its kinda stinky

4. he will act like a jerk so i can look great in comparision

5. he will buy me sens stuff even tho he cheers for another team

6. he will let me get drunk and do the driving

7. he lets me tell him the right way and the wrong way to load a dishwasher

8. he doesn't mind if i plant a garden and nothing grows

9. he is ok with being kicked in the boys for a good cause

10. he doesn't mind when i mock and pull his pants down and yell 'lookie here!"

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Oooo this is fun! Ummm... only 5?


1. He's a total dork sometimes. (So am I. And I love that we can be dorky around each other!)

2. He appreciates me and he expresses appreciation verbally and through his actions.

3. He's sexy... Not just his looks and body, he oozes sex appeal.

4. We can spend hours talking and it seems like minutes.

5. He appreciates the "little things" in life that most people take for granted.

BONUS: He’s AMAZING in bed!

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1. He is always here for me whenever I get down or need to talk to someone. He always lifts my spirts up.

2. He is so funny!! he's always crackin jokes. I love to laugh and it's just great that he makes me laugh all the time.

3. We hardly fight. And when we do we try to work it out. But he is a guy and sometimes doesn't want to talk about it, raither just move on. But I like him for who he is.

4. He pays my cell phone bill

5. We are complete opposites in the things we like. But that keeps our relationship exciting, we always find out new stuff about eachother. If we were alike I'd already know everything cuz it would be the same things I like.


Pretty long....Wish I could keep going hehe

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