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Pangs of Loneliness

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I have a problem being alone. It seems I always feel sad because their is nobody around to share my thoughts or feelings with and I find that I'm very incredibly depondant.


Now, I know I can't have a friend around me 24/7, but what tools or whatnot can I use to deal with loneliness and the depression it causes therein?

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My dog is my lifeline. I can't help but smile and cheer up when I look at her smiling face. She has taught me to live in the moment. When I take her for walks I always end up meeting and talking with other people. I would be so alone without her. Find a dog that is cheerful and social. You will never be alone again.

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I would get a pet... but my landlord doesn't allow them.


Writing only goes so far but has help me recover from my identity loss during my last emotional hardship. Hmmm.... I could join a club or a book club... that would actually be pretty cool. Also, I've been very lonely at work. Very few people to talk to right now.


Also, I haven't been able to go through my usual channels and social circles the last week. I've been too busy moving and what not. My friend is too depressing while I'm in a state of loneliness. I need one more avenue.

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I know exactly how you feel.


Take a look at my typical day:


Wake up. go to school. I normally grab the newspaper and sit reading it until it's tume to go to class. At lunch I sit in my usual spot eating a light snack. (During the period of waking up to lunch time I haven't had anyone to sit with and talk to).


I go home and watch a little tv until I fall asleep. Wake up to check on my grandmother and then do some homework. If I'm not spending my time helping one of my lazy family members with something then I'm probably trying to call someone, anyone to talk to because the loneliness gets so bad. Just the other day I cried about 30 minutes because the pain startedd to get so bad and I could'nt take it anymore.


The same routine can really get to you if you aren't happy in your situation. In a few weeks I'm going to take up karate to boost my confidence and meet some people. I got tired of being lonely and I'm going to to something about it.


If you're fed up with not being understood just as I. Then go out to find those who are just as lonely and misunderstood. Believe me, there is someone out there right now who feels the same way we do. It's just we can't find those people because we're sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves. Me personally, I like to do breathtaking things like sky diving, white water rafting, and getting on tall rollercoasters, but I find it difficult to do because I have no one to share my desires with, so I'm going to take up karate and find those who are just as frustrated as I am. We will be the one's to connect.


Sorry I got off topic, but go out take up something where you can release your frustration and be determined to kill this lonliness. Think about it, ultimately you will be the one responsible for your destiny. Choose not to be lonely and you won't be lonely. If you just sit around, like I did, then nothing will change and you will have missed countless opprotunites to defeat this. Put yourself out there. Anywhere. Take a wild chance!

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