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Problem i guess...who knows

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first off hi. im new.


i go to uofa, now to the story.

I dated this girl that i met when i was 18, we dated all sr. year of high school adn things where good, i noticed lies happening alot though. anyway college came around things goin good, then she cheats on me, i take her back. things arent the same on off on off thing through college, summer rolls around and we both just fight to much and im not happy so i end it. It was definatly mutual though. week later shes crying back for me and so on...nope. well great im happy now. find out she has a new bf after a month cool, w/e. speed up to now, i havent talked to her in 3months. i go into work today, quiznos. One of my coworkers goes you know "blank"? and im like yea...we dated. him "Oh well she had some choice words for me to tell you." me "alright lets hear'em" Him " i hate that * * * *er, I just used you for your car(i do have a nice car), your an * * * * * * *, bad in bed, and you meant nothing to me." i just was kinda taken back by all this. i know all of it was just picked to try and piss me off the most. which its failing to do.


When we broke up all she did was say i want to end this good, i said sure i dont want to talk to you ever. i was upset at the time, cuz i was finding out our entire relationship was a lie(said she was a virgin from the beginning, wasnt). She went on to say "dont say anything bad about me" and im like im not that type of person.


Mainly im taken back by her immaturity and childish actions. this is also possibly creating some weirdness at work which is pissing me off.




well w/e its my birthday thursday so im happy about that.

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Welcome to ENA and Happy Birthday 7plagues! You've got one more year to go before it all starts going downhill...


Yeah, read what you wrote. I don't care how beautiful this woman is or how amazing she was in the sack, she's someone else's problem now. She is doing this because she is immature and trying to convince herself you were a bad guy so she can ease her pain in this...


You're in college, man, these are the best years of your life. Step on the gas so you can get past this situation with this chick and live it up...

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oh dont take what i posted the wrong way, there is no way in hell i would get back with her ahahhah. but im wondering if i should confront her and tell her to stay away from me and get out of my life. i mean i dont want to give her gratification, but i dont want her messing things up in my life.

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she is a drama queen she wants you to confornt her and aruge with her to cause more drama.. best thing to do is ignore her.. this is will cause her more grief then anything you can say.. because by ignoring her.. your basically saying your not even imporant enough for me to get a response lol

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ya thats what i was figuring. well there we go i feel like leaving quotes that i know fit the situation


I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain. ~James Baldwin


The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.

~William Penn



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