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Keep Rapist baby or not?


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I used to work in an abortion clinic and I have seen this in quite a few ways. Women who were raped would come in and change their minds right before the procedure. Some went through with it. It is difficult no matter what you decide. Listen to your heart.


As for those to think they know exactly what they would do in such a situation, I would like to say I hope you never have to eat those words. While working in the abortion clinic, one of the most hardcore, female protesters (they only protest on Saturday) that we had to deal with came in for an abortion on a Thursday. She did not say a word to any of the clinic staff. She had this-self-rightous, my abortion is moral and justified and the rest of you are sluts-look on her face. She aborted a 12 week old fetus. Heart beating, all organ systems developed.


Guess what. The following Saturday she was back outside waving a banner and shouting "abortion is murder" with the other protesters.


Hmmmm. Makes you think. 40% of all American women have an abortion at some point in their lives. . . Quite a few dark secrets held by self-rightous, deeply moral women.

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I would abort without question. It would be too traumatizing. I was raped when I was 15. To this day I have to live with that. If I had gotten pregnant from that I would probably have killed myself. Now that I'm a little older, I know that my own mental health is more important than anything else. If I had a baby then, it would be one messed up kid.


To be completely honest, if I were to get pregnant under any circumstance before I was ready and was in a steady relationship, then I would abort.


Thats about as blunt as I can be.

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I had a friend who was raped at 14 by a neighbor and got pregnant, she carried the baby almost to term (it was a premie) and was going to put it up for adoption but ended up keeping it. The hardest part she says was the people who looked down on her for being a "teen mother", she said it hurt to know that they thought she did this to herself.


Her daughter is 10 now, she knows about the circumstances of her conception and is in counseling, but told me that she is happy that her mom kept her, and didn't abort, but that she would have understood if she had been given up for adoption although she is glad that didn't happen too.

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