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bad days are awful..when do they go


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i want him to want me...

how does someone go from you being everything to them..to you being nothing

i do ok most of the time.today is a bad day

i do focus on other things / i do other things igo out etc.

but he is still there..still in my thoughts

how can he be happy with someone new and im miserable


when did he stop loving me...how did i go from being his everything to zero


how do i stop myself from wanting him..


i just want my man back..


how can he carry on having a new life without me


simple...he has someone else..


where did his love go for me..can i ever get it back

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THERE is nothing you can DO but BETTER YOURSELF. Use all your free-time you have now, instead of spending with him, to Bettering your self =)

make your self prettier, make yourself smarter.... enjoy your life...

ya, easier said than being done.


but i guess lifes' a * * * * * and we live with it. as life always goes on...

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