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Ode to Galatea


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Ode to Galatea


Sweet goddess, borne of the Earth's

Finest treasures – in my mind, long

Have my hands traced your nebulous

Beauty; your body was supple and


Pliant to the gentle tendings of my

Palms. Since my birth, the echo

Of a heavenly maiden has stirred

Within my soul. Restlessly have I


Scoured the hills, and the lands to

Find this gentle creature, precious

More than a universe of diamonds;

Tender more than angel's wings.


Sadness clothed my essense in a dark

Veil, as the years poured past me,

And her image wasn't betrayed by

Time – only strengthened inside.


Many princess pretenders danced

accross the sands of my life, all

Trying to capture the bejewelled

Crown of my heart, but their faces


Never spoke as loud as yours, my

Beloved sylph. Your eternal form

Was forever sculpted into me, and

The aching paleness of your skin


Sent my soul cartwheeling along

The very edges of passion's reach.

Yearning to feel the pulsing of your

Lips so close to mine, that the air


Is charged with a potent electricity,

An inescapable attraction; restless

Nights, unending days, searching

For you, every when, every where.


But as the miles began to take their

Toll, the dawning came that never

From without would you come,

Only, from within.


So I turned away from the world,

Making mine the space where I

Brought my dreams to life,

Where two lovers would meet.

Tirelessly my hands weaved about

Your clad frame, intent to spurn

Sleep's wasted moments, so that

I could reveal your true beauty.


And so, it was done…


But as the last touches of my fingers

Slipped down from your pure, naked

Body, awake's enemy finally tore

Down my swollen eyelids.


I wasn't even blessed with a filling

Glance athwart your faultless figure.

Yet in slumber's nourishing reverie,

You visited me. Astep from your


Pedestal had you ventured, and

My hair your fragile hands stroked.

From your heart's hand, you offered

Me the gift of a delicate black rose.


Entranced by your capturous gaze,

I shook as you came closer, and

Offered me the gift of your lips.

Our moment was stolen away by


Reality's fading return – so near

To ecstasy, but it's denial could

Never be assuaged by the second

Hand memory of 'almost'.


For the first time, my eyes fell

Upon the glorious radiance of

Your heaven-reaching form;

I fell to my knees at your feet,


My heart falling too, wishing

To exchange my life instead

Of spending it lonely, lamenting

Your lifeless body, my love.


As I prayed to Aphrodite to

Take my soul and invest it's

Relics into you, so that you

Might live, I felt a glowing


Presense descend from above;

In your eyes a quiver of life

Stirred through, and a light

Gasp came from your mouth.


Tears fell from my eyes as

I reached out to hold on to your

Virtuous feet, for I wished you

To take me with you, to paradise…


Galatea, my beloved, I am yours…

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