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So after me and my gf broke up which was over 3 weeks ago and there is NC and many hours of thinking and many restless nights I finally know where i stand and its time to except it. Im alone. I have always been alone and its the one thing i have always feared. Yes i have many friends and my family is there but i still feel alone. The only way i dont feel alone is when i have my gf and since my gf broke up with me after going out for a year, i feel alone again. I was alone before her but i learned to except it and got over it and now that i by myself again i cant handle it. I feel like i have to always go out and party just to lie to myself that i am not that bad off. But i cant face it anymore i dont know how to get out of this hole i dug. Any feed back on this will help and well as those that may be experiencing the same feeling as this.


thanks all

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You feel alone, because you wrapped your life around her. I know because I did it too. We have to remember that we are where we are, because we did it. We went to school. We worked out. We went to work.


...but, we still could not live our own emotional lives. We expected them to make us feel better. Only we can do that. Which is why we become a bottomless pit and feel so empty when what was once filling it, is taken away.


Try to remember who you were, before her. Believe me, I know it is hard, but if we don't we are doomed to feel this way for a long time.

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