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Good News?


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I got up this morning to go to the gym for my personal training session.

Since reporting my rape I've decided to focus on moving on in my life.

I'm forcing myself to get over the whole fear of losing weight thing (I was a small size, when raped).

So I get in my car and head for the gym, and guess what?

The radio is on.

It turns out that there was this doctor in Atlanta (the city where I was raped).

Several of his patients gave complaints of him raping, sodomizing and doing something else ( I don't quite remember) to his patients.

So do you know what the doctor gets? He gets probation.

I mean can you imagine how all of those people felt?!

No justice right?

Well....he and his daughter were driving in a car, and they ran into the back of a semi-truck.

They were both ejected from the car and are now dead.


It made me feel better, ya know. Of course I felt really sorry for the daughter.

But there he was, probably driving around just as happy as a lark.

All of those people came out to expose him for what he was, and he was probably feeling invincible, because after all of that he got a slap on the wrist.

Can you imagine.

He couldn't escape, in the end, he didn't just get a slap on the wrist.

That brought me comfort.

When I was drugged and raped I felt side-swiped. I didn't see it coming and I was helpless to stop it.

That's probably the way that rapist felt while slamming into the back of a semi huh?

Now I know it isn't right for me to be thrilled about someone's passing.

But it does make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know, that we may not always see the punishment, but God definitely deals it out.


And you know, I had these thoughts going through my head.

Like, what if my case goes to trial, what if they ask me embarrasing personal questions.

What if?

What if people thought I was a horrible person?

What if they didn't care that I was raped?

What if I had to see the rapist again, look him in the face, go through the trama of a trial, just to see him go free?

I guess I feel good in knowing, that even if he walks away....he's not free, he'll never be free. He'll never know when his day is coming, when he'll have to pay for his crime and how.

He'll never know......

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maybe the prosecution made a deal b/c they thought they couldn't get a conviction in a trial...I mean it's impossible to prove a rape after some time without any physical evidence it would be his word against theirs and that's not enough...I think he deserved it to tho, and what was his daughter doing driving him around anyway...don't tell me she believed he didn't do it pfft

Now there are some really f-ed up decisions regarding rape...I remember some cases I heard of...some thief breaking into a woman's home raping her then being aquitted because the girl asked him to use a condom

Another one in Italy a few years ago a judge gave the rapist a lieneant sentence because the girl was wearing blue jeans!?!

I'm sure they're many more fed up cases like this...just goes to show society doesn't regard rape as a serious offense, u get a couple of yrs for raping much more for aggravated assault I think it should be the other way around..

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Hi Grace,


J. will have raped more women. A. may be another victim, perhaps she will cave in and testify against him. Once the trial gets announced other victims may come forward.


J. may have raped women around his college, perhaps you could talk to the dean at J.'s college to post your story. Do not give J's name though! Write up a summary of your story (also put no names), encouraging victims to report the rape and pass it to the Dean for posting. Dunno if it works, but it may. Also consider conntacting other schools including your own.


Also talk to rape support centre in Atlanta or your city for advice on how to make more rape victims come forward.


Be proactive and determined, it will help you and other women.

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Thanks guys!


I like the proactive idea, I think it's great!!!


I want to feel like I'm helping other women.


I know he'll get more violent as he goes along rapes other women, he was borderline violent with me.


Why do I still feel so ashamed?


N-Eways, I do want to help. I'd hate for another person to have to go through this.


Thanks for all of your help, without it I would have never been able to file that report.


What about asking the dean questions?


Do you think that will interfer with the investigator's investigation?


Umm, I wonder.


It's a wonderful idea, talking to the dean. And I definitely have nothing to lose.


I would love to do it.


That boy from my hometown that the rapist talked to....

Maybe I can find out information from him.


Ummm, I wonder.


Doing my own little investigation might help me to feel better.


You know what?

I can't lie. I still feel soooo much shame from the rape. But the more I do to confront it, the better I feel.


I can't turn back, you know.


What should I do? Should I inform the dean that one of his students is responsible for rape?

He might consider me a trouble maker or someone who just wants to ruin the school's name.


I don't know.


I do want to help others.


It's not fair for him to get away with it.


My therapist believes that he'll eventually kill one of his victims, and that is how he'll be caught.


I don't know, talking is the only way I feel alive sometimes.

I'll definitely talk, I'll tell whoever needs to know, what J. did.

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J. being son of a psychologist and having been exposed to psychology makes him more dangerous. I think he thinks he can beat and manipulate women.


I am thinking of your experience enticing other women to come forward, some of which may be his victims.


Do your own investigation, but be careful as some areas and people are unsafe.


As long as you do not mention names, it should not interfere with the investigation. Do not ever mention names in public please before a trial date is set. Once the trial date is set, you can "promote" the trial, but you may wish to seek legal advice for that. Also the prosecutors office will help you.


You will be a much stronger person!


BTW, what about self defense course?

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Yes that really gets to me as well when rapist gets away, it just feels like no one cares.


What my brother did to me i am still ashamed, i think there was something i could of done to stop it

Kita. It wasn't your fault. I am sorry to hear you are accepting some responsibility for what happened.

YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for this. You didn't ask for this, and it's not your fault.

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