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i told her i couldnt be friends with her and that im still in love with her.

so my last words to her was "i love you ******* goodbye" and she said "i no u do call me wen we can be" then i hung up.

i really feel like someone pulled out my heart and stomped on it 100 times.

i tuley need support right now and people to talk to.

please help.

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whattodo -


I'm sorry you're in pain.


I know the "it's been to have lost in love...." cliché is total BS so I'm not going to use it.


I just don't know WHAT to say other than, I'm sorry.


Take each day as it comes and use it as a hurdle to the next day. Soon you'll be clearing weeks and you'll have the strength of an athelete.


Hang in there {{{HUGS}}}

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Oh, sweetie. I know it hurts terribly. And I know you're going to find this hard to believe: but what you just did is going to help you heal from the pain much faster, than if you'd gotten mired interminably in the "Friendzone."


You just need some space and time to get your head and heart back together. It could take a little bit. I'd suggest at least two months of No Contact. I know that sounds like an eternity, but in the wide scheme of things, it's really just a drop in the bucket of time. But that two months can do wonders for your head, and who knows what new opportunities might present themselves during that time period, as well.


You've got support and friends here, hon. You'll get through this.

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I am so sorry, i really know how you feel.


Try and do something to get your mind off her, like do something you enjoy doing like go to the movies, hand out with some friends, exercise, or buy yor self something. I know its alot easier said than done but give it time and the sun will shine again

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thank you all.


i was at school today and i wrote a song as kinda venting out.


thank you all for your support


its just really hard because i dont have anyone to talk to and some times i feel like telling my parents the TRUTH


but i know it will just be worst.


again, thank you all for the support.


im hopeing i will find someone new that really does care about me =]

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