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How often is it ok to overindulge?..

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We all have our little indulgences... I am referring to food in my post by the way because I have several foods that I really enjoy but aren't the best for my health.


I know moderation is the key... but what defines moderation? How long should we wait or does it depend on how healthy the food we eat is in-between our little spits.


Can someone please offer advice because my diet isn't 100% the best because I always have a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner but I like to snack on junk food.


Please help!

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I have no idea what the experts would say. My partner and I have one junkfood treat a month. On that day we can have pizza or Maccas or KFC or fish and chips. We usually have pizza.


I think if you limit your indulgences to sometthing like that you should be OK.

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I think moderation is a term used to keep dieters happy,


So they eat heathlier, but aren't starving themselves either,


The rule of thumb I was taught in nutrition classes,


Was to eat healthy all week and have 1 splurge meal a week,


Now that's really tough though,


So what I try to do is eat healthy,


And then sneak in some sweets maybe every few days,


How do you curb junk food snacks?


Try eating fruits instead,


You can spice them up with this delicious pepper salsa,


It's called pico de gallo pepper,


It adds some spunk to the fruits/vegetables,


Try eating high protein foods, like cottage cheese, for example,


It's difficult to strike a balance, whilst having a sugar tooth,


But just cut down a bit on the junk foods,


And I think you will be great!





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Yeah we are pretty strict with it but really once you decide that's what you are going to do it's not that hard.


For example we don't drink anything but water (and beer and wine) so it's simple, you just don't buy fruit juices and soft drinks. If they are not in the house you won't drink them.

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Junk food once a month is highly unrealistic in America it seems...unless someone is supremely disciplined in their eating.


I personally eat healthy at every meal most of the time...I recently started doing the Body for Life program and am starting on my 4th week. It allows for a free day once a week...I keep my treats to a minimum and eat as healthy as I can most days. I think as long as you make a conscious effort to eat healthy you can. The biggest advice I can give to someone is to cut out soda and fast food. My own weakness is ice cream...the only reason I can stay away from it now is because it triggers migraines for me.

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How often is it ok to overindulge?..


well, to go back to your question... you shouldn't ever 'overindulge' - to indulge is enough.


For myself, anyways, I've found that I can lose weight if I eat very healthy, go to the gym a few times a week, and allow myself about 1, sometimes 2, treats a week (and by treat I mean a donut, or a slice of pizza, or a slice of cake).


If I want to maintain my weight, I can have 2-3 of those treats a week. more than that, and I start gaining.


and melrich is right - removing those things from your house makes it easier to eat better. stock up with healthy treats, like fruit salads.

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Also try eating at home as much as you can. That way, you know what you are "really" eating. My husband and I never buy stuff without reading the ingredients. Also, we buy only organic products. You could try that too. It is a little more expensive, but if definitely worth the price.

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I dream of only eating junk food once a month.


I had a six month spell whereby I ate NOTHING with any fat in it at all. But I was 14, anorexic and rather stupid.


Even when I can keep my binge eating in check, I still eat junk food every day. Not fast food/pizza/fries.....stuff like candy and cookies, really.


It's my narcotic of choice, not an indulgence.

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Everything in moderation, including moderation itself.



I am healthy eater, and do take care of what I put in my body, for both health and performance (athletics) reasons.


That being said, I also genuinely enjoy food, and have a palate that loves interesting new tastes and textures and I love quality food.


I tend to eat a fairly regular diet most days, oatmeal and fruit, lunch will be a sandwhich and fruit and yogurt, maybe in a rush a whole-grain microwave meal of sorts, dinner will be veggie/salad and lean protein, I'll have a couple small snacks in day and a bit of ice cream most nights (but just a serving of it..not a huge bowl!). Ice cream is my own weakness, so I tend to just buy some good stuff (not frozen yogurt or ice milk which does not satisfy it) and just have a small portion, allotted into my daily overall caloric intake and that satisfies me and allows me to avoid other cravings VERY easily.


And then I will have days where I overindulge a bit more - my birthday for example! Even then I just tend to be pretty simple...I will satisfy my craving for ribs for example by ordering only a half-order slab, eat only a few and take some home, and order double veggies instead of sour cream laden potatoes. And have a glass of red wine!


You have to enjoy life too, and not be too strict. But that being said, I want to be healthy and fit to enjoy life to the maximum, which is why I exercise and eat healthy 95% of the time! Balance, balance, balance.

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I lost almost 100 pounds over 2 years and always had a splurge day once a week, where I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted. Unfortunately after a year of eating really healthily I couldn't eat whatever I wanted, even if I said it was "OK" b/c my body was so unused to the grease/salt/overfilled stomach that I would get really bad stomach ache. Sundays were always my splurge days and I remember many Sunday evenings almost in tears b/c my belly hurt so bad.


I think once a month is too difficult for most people. If you cut your calories by 400-500 6 days a week (easily done to most diets by just making substitutions) and exercise for an hour 5 times a week, even if you totally splurge one day, you'll still be losing at least a pound a week.

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