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You have every right to be upset. But instead of the text message you sent, I would of asked straight out what is going on?? And dealt with it accordingly.

I think the problem is that she doesn pick the damn phone if I am not mistaken!!! so text message is the way to get message accross!

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No. Go for the phone... leave a message if she doesn't answer. Just be cool. Take it as a learning experience. There's really nothing much to lose right now... so, you might as well test out some things while you have the opportunity. Besides... I want to see if Heloladies' teasing goes over well

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So i called her this morning, found she got a redevelopement of her strep but more importantly she was giving the silent treatment because of the messege i left her. I told her to stop stonewalling me, asked if id do that to her and she said no, and how would she feel if i did it to her. The surprising part was she apoligised, and said it was all her fault.


I was cool, calm, even joked a little. Im surprised with the result and pleased. However we only adressed the stonewalling. Need to see now how its effected things, see if she starts messeging and phoning more. I want things back to the happy, fun flirtiness we had before. I know i took a first step here and cant stop putting my foot down when stuff bothers me.


Also we had the weekend planned out to spend it together at her cottage. Was probably going to make us finally exclusive with all her friends and some family there. With her strep it looks like she may not go now. I suppose i can be patient but id feel A LOT better finally being exclusive and getting back to the fun we had before.

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Well that didnt take too long. 24hrs after i thought things were looking like they were going to start straightenning out now im well into my 4th day of the dreaded silent treatment. Last messege i got 4 days ago seemly had no problems, I had to get back to work and she said that we'll talk more after work. So i call and get no answer. Shrugged it off and while a bit annoyed let it go. Well without being needy (or at least seemingly not being needy) I try to call just once a day when i know she'll be free. Nothing. For someone that told me she didnt want to play games when i was getting to know her early on, I think this makes her a hypocrit. Chances she has a good excuse? Come on before you say its possible, be serious lol. I'm thinking about just not botherring with anymore effort and just start seeing other people. Why should i sit here in limbo i dont deserve this. Opinions?

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