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letters that will nvr be sent...


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Hey B...


well, i just realized that i have to see you everyday now because we're working at the same place...along with your girlfriend who is a great friend of mine. It pretty much blows. I was definitely very scared when I realized that I had to see you but when I did, things weren't that bad at all. It was nice and friendly and I got the feelin that I was pretty much over you.


Of course, being me, and wacked up in the head, I'm not the type of girl who begs to break NC...I beg to NOT break NC...so I usually try to stay out of you and your girlfriend's general direction because I don't want to see uneccesary public displays of affection but you know...sometimes, I can't ignore them because you're right there in front of my face.


I was very happy with the way that things were going...I noticed that a lot of my pals work at the same place and that was good but then I saw you...and you completely ignored me but I made the bigger move and said "hey" and gave you a hug...you seemed to react fine to it and after that, we became acquaintances....its nice...


Then a few days back, you started becoming very harsh towards me...in a joking manner of course...but i could tell there was a bit of coldness in your attitude towards me...i don't know why you're saying things like "allie, you corrupt everyone you meet" and "ugh, you're ugly.." etc. etc. you don't ever say that...and whenever I crack a joke around other people, you always used to laugh but you never do anymore. I think i'm starting to dislike you. You're not acting normally around me even though you act completely normal around other people....


[unfinished...will be completed when i have more time...]

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