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Broken Bunni


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Woah... After getting through reading all of that this is what I make of it...


I don't think you can win him back, I think he is "set in his ways" for now anyway. He sounds like a bit of a sleaze... and I know you love him but you will be better off in the longer term without him.


All I can say is look how he treated you. Fair enough you guys didn't gel or thats what he may have thought when he said "We are too different" from his own mouth. He should have talked to you about it, and see what could have been done about the situation, rather than just running to some other female. He doesn't love you, if he did he certainly wouldn't treat you like this.


Your family are right, go NC and move on to find someone better.


It gets easier with time, you don't need guys like this in your life. Especially at such important moments that you can't get back.


Also just a note for next time you post please try and break it up into paragraphs. It can be extremly difficult to read and sore on the eyes, and you probably won't get half as many replies as you normally would.


Good luck.

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I paragraphed your post for you. Please do it yourself in future.


It is a mistake to have sex for the wrong reasons but when you do and then refuse it usually causes problems like this because the guy very often feels as if he was manipulated. i.e. the girl will have sex with him until she feels the relationship is secure and then feels safe enough to withdraw it. That corrodes the relationship and he eventually leaves.


Now you have the opposite problem because if you say to him that you are ready to have sex he will feel you are only saying that to get him back and then the same thing will happen again.


Additionally, you have the problem that this guy has cheated in the past.


I think you should try to move on as best you can because it will be very difficult for you guys to get on the same page without major misunderstandings.


If he does come to you however and you decide to try again - make sure that whatever you decide about sex it is a decision you both agree to without pressure. If you can't do that then don't get back together.

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Okay. I think he did you a big favor in breaking it off with you. He has no goals for himself, slacker in life... Where you have plans and goals for your future.


You are a good student where he doesnt care about his edjucation. He is on a trip strait to destruction. He cheated on you. He is pressuring you for sex and you said you are not ready. Someday youll be ready but for your own sake dont do it until you truly are. Allways keep in your mind the real possibility that you could become pregnant. Its fortunate that you can get out now and not be dragged down with him. Your parents are right, as hard as it is... as much as this hurts.... walk away. Let yourself feel the pain, greive the loss of your first love.


There will come a day when you can look back on all this, for now.. YOu need to look away. Have no contact with him. Good Luck, I know this is hard...

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After losing him, you WANT to want sex, I think.


Very, very difficult...but I'm inclined to believe him. I get the impression, and especially given that you two are both the age you are, that he does ultimately want to experience other things/people.


He seems somewhat unstable, as well - and dumping you over the phone shows no respect.


I'm with your family that you are better off without him...but you can expect to feel heartbroken for ages....2 years is a very long time!

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I so understand this guy, partialy becouse I acted in a similar way (girls/gigs/metall madness!!, no drugs, gigs) until I met my ex. I changed a lot for her (and even more since she dumped me) but age frame is little difrent than here (we ware together longer).


So this is what its all about: You gave him some, he wanted more, he cheated (thus torrturing you) and he thinked that you are torturing him (no sex, that is important to guys, especialy from the story he's from, be it metal, rock, punk, hop or whatever), he got mad and found bi**h to have sex with...


This situation is painfull, but now, you are better off without that sh**head (thats how I call myself from those days), believe me he will call you and beg you to be with him again. He will need some time, but well, the more you call him the more he'll think about other girls. So, as PRSOV said No Contact (with him) few nights in good company (male company would be better, but normal male company not idiots, yes to frends, no to idiots!) and you'll be fine...


Oh and I think he's not in "experiencing other people", he is in it just for, well you know...

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