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this guy resembles my boyfriend

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i met my boyfriend 3 years ago, online, and we both love each other very much and we're looking forward to spending the rest of our lives with each other. I feel he's my true soulmate, and i could never live without him. He lives in CA and i live in eastern TX, and he flies here maybe once every 2-3 months. I miss him terribly when he's gone.


But i go to college, and there's this one guy in particular who reminds me SOOO much of my boyfriend. He sorta looks like him, acts like him, and its just weird the amount of resemblance i see in them. It almost makes me kinda....like him. Seeing him makes me miss my boyfriend more than ever because of the striking resemblance. And dont get me wrong, i dont wanna start a relationship with this guy or anything. Its just that he catches my eye. Dont think i'm wanting to cheat on my boyfriend, that definitely is not the case. I know its probably just that i'm like delirious or something and i miss my boyfriend so much, but i was wondering if any of you have been in a situation similar to this?

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A co-worker of mine has the same issue. There is a guy at work who reminds her of her husband (who lives with her - so this isn't just a long distance thing). It happens. As annie said, you have to remember that he isn't your boyfriend. Stay strong and good luck.

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