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quick cramping question

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No, not menstral cramps.




I had my pap and pelvis exam this morning. God dam it hurts. Cramps. I thought it would just go away. Walk it off.

It's not felt like this before where it has lasted so long and hurt so bad. Usually I don't get cramps from the test, but I hear it's normal to have some.


So, it would be good if i could get rid or lessen them now before the evening gets rolling. Should I just pop a tylenol or something?

Deal with it like a period cramp?



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Yeah it's a lot like a period cramp. Any time your uterus or cervix gets jostled around those muscles can start spasming and crampy. But I don't think it should last too long or be as bad as period, should be feeling better soon. Plus I don't think you should take any medicine if you might be drinking tonight.

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Reading up: link removed states that the procedure should be performed 10-20 days after first day day of last period. I think she went after 6-7 days when there was no bleeding. Her period is about 4 days total counting from minimal bleeding to minimal bleeding.


The "rush" was about her having recent major pre-menstural left ovarian pain and swelling following an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago. She got meds and her just finished period was normal without extraordinary pains and swelling.

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