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How would people here view a situation like this: You like a person and he/she likes you but can only offer you so much based on time constraints, personal limitations, etc. It isn't what you completely want, but it is something. You like the person and the friendship is important to you. Would you stay or leave? Why? How can you tell if the person is trying to extricate themselves from you, if they are spending less time with you but when you question them about it, they do explain to you that you are still crucial to them.

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Hmmmmmmmm....As RC said..action speaks louder than words.

How can you tell if someone is trying to extricate themselves?

I guess it's just a gut feeling.I always know when someone is pulling away from me. Body language too. There was a study that says if someone is on their way out...their feet will be directed AWAY from you.I found that interesting. That and their body will be very "closed off" from you.


Maybe check these NON verbal clues.....

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