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Sun Signs...do they play a part in your seeking?


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I find it amusing that many people do exhibit features of their sun sign. I believe it is a two-fold thing.


1. Part selective reasoning.. you notice where they match... but not where they don't match.

2. I think people are exposed to what their sign is and it's definition at such an early point in development that they unconsciously adopt many of the characteristics themselves.


So.. while I don't believe that there is necessarily a mandate saying that all people born under the sign of Taurus will behave X way... I do recognize some of the characteristics that that person has... and, oddly enough, it is often composed of strong elements of their sign.


I think, the more people believe it, the more it affects them. I can say, without a doubt, that every relationship I have had with a Scorpio has blown up in spectacular fashion... I keep that in mind for sure.

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I get a big kick out of finding out signs, reading horoscopes, and seeing how much a person suits their sign.

I like stuff like that.


In my life, it's been amazingly accurate. Fell in love with a Capricorn - it played out like the compatibility predicted.

Libras and Aquarius' abound and I do tend to get along with them famously.

Present man is an Aquarius and he lives up to his sign in hilarious ways.


So, I pay attention and enjoy seeing how it plays out. I don't make decisions based on it though. If I like someone, that is that.

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If you went by Sun Signs alone, there's no way I (a Taurus) should be happily & hamoniously married to a Leo. Going by Sun Signs, there should be a lot of yelling & screaming and drama here...and there just isn't.


However, there are many other things to consider in one's natal (birth) chart, and if you look at those aspects between my chart and his, that square between the Sun Signs takes a back seat when you add up all the other complimentary aspects in our natal charts.


Saying you're a (whatever your Sun Sign is) is like saying you're a Canadian or an American or a Mexican -- it just identifies you as one of a large group of people. And while you may have certain traits in common with that large group, it doesn't really tell you much about any specific individual.


If you're really interested in someone and have an interest in Astrology, it would be worth the time/money to have a competent professional Astrologer calculate a compatibility chart based on your complete natal charts rather than just your Sun Signs. For that you will need to know birth date, birth time and city of birth.

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...I'm INTP and INFP equally.

cool Lord, help to be less independent, but let me do it my way and Lord, help me finish everything I sta...


I'm a cancer (about 80% i'd say) met the person I'm with who's a Taurus. So I started reading up on cancer & taurus... pretty intense. Now am more intruiged. I try not to focus on it...but I can't help it. Most things I read about just "seem" to click.

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