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Should i move on? or keep waiting

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i love a girl and she loves me in the non dating way, we dated for 7 months and she broke up with me because she didnt feel like she loved me that way anymore. that was two years ago, i do my best to be the nicest guy i can to her and i would never hurt her. she says she doesnt even know why she doesnt love me and she wishes she did. she says im perfect for her. she now randomly crushes on guys that are complete , potheads, and jerks. she doesnt want to have sex until she is married and most of the guys she crushes on are big on sex. i dont understand how the nice guys always get replaced by jerks, does anyone know if i should wait, or move on? if at all possible, i would like to be with this girl, she is a beautiful, and wonderful person

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No contest, time to move on. She doesnt return your feelings AND she has even tried her hardest to do so. There is no battle to win here, the sooner you can move on, the sooner you can put your mind towards other people. Besides if anything is going to change it is going to happen when you are not around keeping her feelings the way they are. She isnt going to miss you if she can see into your life. If she comes around and/or develops feelings for you she can seek you out. Many threads on Enotalone have proven that sticking around as a friend/partner in limbo is pretty much the opposite thing to do to get a person back and to move on. Show her that you are letting go and she will be able to make a decision free from any games. But truly let go and do not expect her to come back, only then will you be able to move on and have a chance at happiness with someone else. I want to express my compassion for you at this hard time, and good luck with it all!

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Sorry... move on. Totally. She is using you as emotional support because she isn't getting it from these guys that are not interested in anything but sex. She does like you, but if she says not in a romantic way, believe it. Distance yourself.

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