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i stuffed up bad HELP!!!!

young kid

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Hey everyone,


I stuffd big time. About 6 months ago Me and my GF (girl A) were looking at pictures of a girl (girl B) i used to like, they were formal pics of me and her. And she said that she wud look better in that dress and i told her that she wudnt. Like at that moment the way the otha girl lookd on the night came bak to me even though i had no feelings for her looking at the photos i made this stupid comment.


I dont no if anyone else has been in this situation. Girl B was my first eva kiss but she was a to me and i dont talk to her anymore and i look at her now and feel nothing. My Gf is the most beautiful girl i have eva met and i cant find a fault in her. But i made a stupid comment I said the comment ages ago but she brought it up and i told her cauz feeling from wen i liked her came bak and she hated it which is understandable and i hate that i eva thougt it. She is struggling to talk to me cauz she thinks that i will always think she is 2nd best. I have told her that i love her wit all my heart like we had already told each otha that we wud marry if we were in postion to( financial, age etc) ive told her everythng that comes from my heart and i dont no wat to say anymore.


Pls i need some help so bad i cant lose her, shes the best thing ive eva had in my life. thank you


young kid

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