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Best friend has Class with the EX! WHAT DO I DO?

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Just found out today that my best friend has a class at college with the ex. He said that he didn't even bring me up but my ex asked about me. The ex asked if I'd found a roomate because she knows I bought a house recently, and inquired about the payments. She also told him that her and the guy she was seeing since we split were no longer together (I already knew that but figured they might have gotten back together)


We've been broken up for 3 months now and I went no contact exactly 3 weeks ago because she called the same best friend and told him to tell me to leave her alone.


He also told her that I felt bad about everything that happened since we broke up and I was confused and was getting mixed signals. (I did all the chasing, crying, flowers, emailing, letters, etc.)


I can't help but think this set me back with the NC. What do you guys think. And I can't help but think she told him about her and that guy splitting up because she knew that he would tell me that.


I was getting better and now I feel like I'm right back to square one!

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Don't mistake curiosity for renewed interest. Continue no contact and assume it is over. If, and only if, she wants to talk about getting back together then think about it then. But not until then because it will probably never happen.

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