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Exbf Has Gf But Still Has Sumtin Goin on Wit me HELP!!

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I dont seem to be listening to friends or family so maybe some outter advice will help lol. Im really confused and dont know what to do... its a very confusing and complicated situation that I dont think anyone will be able to understand I was with my boyfriend for 2yrs and recently broke up its about 4 months... heres where it gets complicated... things between us were too good to be true... he was my boyfriend my best friend my love and was supposed to be my life partner (u).. what I dont understand is that I know he loved me just as much as I loved him... we wouldnt be able to go to bed without a good night kiss or without hearing eachothers voices...


ANNNYYWAYS lol dont wanna get into the good tings wanna get straight to it.... HE ended it... saying we used to "fight" alot... which in the end we kinda would... but over stupidity... well... he broke it off only I find out 4days later hes back with his ex girlfriend!! *rolls eyes* OKOK this ex wasnt anything big... they were together only 3 months and as he described it .. it wasnt anything special .. but throughout our 2yrs being together there was always something about her I was ... I guess u can say jealous of... nothing to do about looks because its obvious to say she doesnt have the looks lol but I just felt in compitition all the time... obviously after finding that out I could barely look at him... gave him a piece of my mind and told him to fk off! ...


About a month later my grandmother passed away : ( ... (he was very close and well respected by my family ADORED him!) thats how we started talking........... started off as casual conversation... ending more into meeting up with eachother... now it has become a daily routine to see eachother... I know that the fact of the matter is alwaya there that he has a girlfriend but does it matter that hes never with her? that we spend nights together till 5,6 in the morning just going for walks... laughing... having a good time... ? Ive alwayz loved him and I feel like I alwayz will but this is killing me feeling like the second woman in his life : (...


Ive expressed that I still care about him deeply and weve gotten into some intense conversations... talking about the past and what we had... looking at old pics... old letters.. emails.. songs... the whole works... one night we ending up both into tears thinking about how we went wrong? and what happened to us... he shocked me .. telling me that the relationship with his girlfriend is a lie.. that he got with her to get over me... but then why is he still with her... whats holding him back?? its not sex thats for sure... so what could it be?.. im really confused and dont know what to think... I love what we have going on but I know its wrong.. and im tired of hidding it... I wanna be able to say HESS MINE!!! but I dont think thats possible... I think hes worried about what would happen if we got back together and it wouldnt work out again... not to mention all the tension with my family and him ... I dont know ..


I dont know what to think anymore someone please help me ... I mean he cares... I think he does... he gets jealous over other guys... he wakes me up in the morning and has to say good night before bed... I dont know anymore... he tells me hes confused ... confused about what? : ( ...the most comeback Ive been geting is that he just wants sex... but its not like he comes pick me up and jumps all over me.. we share this bond... chemistry!! I dont know what it is but it just draws us to eachother... I know it sounds crazy... but no one knows him like I do... I know its not just for sex... I just wanna know whats keeping him with her and pulling him away from me...


He makes me listen to these songs that just screw me up... "you make me wanna leave the one Im with to start a new relationship with you"( 8 ), "everytime I try to leave something keeps pulling me back telling me I need u in my life we were meant to be you were made for me so that means we gotta make it work"( 8 ), "should I let her know Im really in love and that shes the one Ive been thinking of woman of my dreams aint no one above her should I tell her"( 8 ) and many more like that!!! this thread is getting wayy tooo long soo someeone .. please... what do you think.... I must be crazy no? lol...



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Well I think he's using you. If he REALLY felt the way he says he does, he would break up with the girl he is with, but he hasn't. If I had to bet, I would bet the things he is saying to you, is probably the same things he said to his new g/f just before ya'll broke up. You have now become the girl on the side, how would you feel if a girl did that to you? You seem to be disregarding the fact that you are having sex with a guy who has a girlfriend. You need to find someone else, you seem like an awesome, loving girl who deserves someones full commitment and attention, not someone who has sex with you and then runs back to their girlfriend.


Why wouldn't he say all these things, he has you right where it's convieniant, he now can have sex with you whenever he wants, as well as with his girlfriend, If he really wanted to be with you, all he would have to do is break up with her...but he isn't. That should say a lot.

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Thankss for the advice I know where everyones coming from but at the same time everytime I try to leave he pulls me back speaking of which he passed by my work tonight... we text message eachother morning to night and he told me he was home whatever... and he said something about not seeing me tonight then two seconds later he walks in my office... my heart skipped a beat it was the best feeling in the world... when we were together it wasnt even an option he would always come spend time with me at work if he could... but its different now its like wow does this mean he cares? lol... I kno I sound rediculious... but I mean he didnt come see me at work for sex... he came to spend actuallly time with me... I dunno maybe I always look at the good when it comes to him... maybe I shouldnt... what I didnt understand was that when we kissed bye ... something slipped out of my mouth about his gf something about him going to see her and he got upset? Y? He keeps telling me he hates it when I say things like that because "he wasnt going to see her" Am I too naive? Obviously it hurts... its killing me inside its only normal to bother me and have little comments slip out.


I guess my problem is Im living in the past... I trusted him with my life and i guess I still do... I would never think he would lie to me.... would he? Anyways just wanted to say thanks!!! I guess I know what I have to do... even if it might be the hardest thing Id ever have to do.... its whats best right?... Gotta go out with my girls a bit or Im gonna go crazy ....



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