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In love with best girl mate thread

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hey i completely agree wid nanobaby....theses things usually happen when u two like each other mayb even love... it always used to happen to me n usedd to drive me crazy....unfortunately non of us have the courage to say it... i want to so badly....i think mayb she too ddoes... there are all the possible hints...n jus coz society thinks all this is unacceptable..well the real love has to die away.... its sad sumtimes....

wait maybe for a few more hints n if u really cant standd it tell her u like her... if she accepts thats excellent.. if she doesnt then i guess joke aroundd saying.. u were just fooling n all... see ...

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It sounds like she might have got a bit jealous of you getting closer to one of your other friends? If that's right then it's a good sign in a way cos its unlikely she would be jealous unless she had deeper feelings for you? Or is that a load of crap? I dunno I'm basing that on the fact that I've never been jealous of anyone's friendship before I fell in love with my girl.


Anyway, maybe the drifting stuff happened because she likes you and was finding it hard to deal with. I think it's good you can talk to her like that though, you can tell each other what is on your minds, that's good.


If I would was you, I would try and tell her how you feel. But that's just me. You should read nanobaby's post and see if you think that would happen to you two?


Just ask yourself how important her friendship is to you. Worst case scenario is that you lose it. Is that risk worth taking to get rid of the confusion and wondering and everything you're going through right now?


I wish I could be more help.


Good luck and keep us posted.

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nanobaby, i am sorry to hear that.. do you both still hang out or talk at all??


yeah i think it might be she is jeolous, my other friend ( the she was jeolous of) told me the other night that she thinks she is jeoulous cause she does get all weird when like she is left out of stuff i do.

and actually after we sent some emails she has decided to hang out with me, and i hung out with her for 2 days in a row! it was great. we just chilled and laughed, but of course there is some underlying thing there and its really hard. i have been different and i think she is noticing, and shes sticking around lol.

when the time is right i am going to tell her.

i think in this case its worth saying something. cause i thought about it and one of the great things about us is we have known each other for 5 years, and have been close for 3, and we never get mad at each other or let things bother us, we just get along. so i feel good that even if she doesnt feel the same way, everything won't be completely lost.

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abby12....jealousy is a factor to look out for in any relationship...the extent of it....n when its like too much n all...im sure there is an underlying thought...coz in many cases i have seen...theses thoughts are like subconscious which may be true....the bes part is u both know each other since 5 years.....a long time to have respect n all...so stick widd her pal...sumthing may jus pop up i hope... it does seem so....see my other posts n what others have written to me like hangouts n tips..it may work....

i know how you mus be feelimg dear..its hard.....eventually things will go in for a gud turn....all the best!!!keep us upddatedd dear....

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i think u shoul d really ask her very sincerely n casually like what happened n all to the good times n all.be there for her when she needds you and keep yourself in contact with her without looking like u really need her....call her up sumtimes ask her how is she...or if she wouldd like to see a pic...n all this ddear very casually....let us know what all happens...

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...its so weird between us. i have not told her. our friendship is in an extremely weird place. its almost like she knows already cause i have been kidna cautious....

but...she made a really off hand comment today when i was with her and some friends. she said if she was a lesbian she would hook up with this one girl. and the girl she said is in fact a lesbian and extremely hot...she said " if i were a lesbian it would be with (girls name)" and i said " dude i always knew she was a lesbian before i found out for sure" and she said " i didn't know, that explains a lot." OH MY GOSH!! what the heck?!?

i had no idea what to say to it,

so me and my other friend just sorta looked at each other and i kinda blushed cause i kinda knew this all along, totally caugt me off guard..

I have been kinda acting different and she was too....friendship on the rocks, she keeps haning out with all these people,

and we havent hung out alone for a while. so i don't really have any chance to tell her or talk to her. driving me completely crazy!!!!


if i ever am i alone with her.....what are some ways to bring the topic up?

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she said if she were a lesbian...sum straight people would never mention dat.. i think she wants to make u jealous or etiher is trying to brush u down n humiliate you...nex time u wid her...alone ask her very very seriuosly...why she saidd dat... n mention dat straight girls wouldnt have said dat..see her reaction.....n say dat it hurt u....if she really cares for u she will say sorry...try it...

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