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Probelms in my life at the moment

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Okay well i have been abit down lately Because:


1. A really good friend of mine is moving far away with her mother and her sister and i really dont want her to go, i just cant see my life with out her, she is my everything, she can make me laugh, smile and feel good about myself but now she is going away next week .


2. A friend of mine is going back to hospital tomorrow because she isnt eatting, and she has been in and outta hospital since the start of the year and she has almost died befor, and her going to hospital isnt going to help her eat, it never has it just makes her really depressed. And well i just dont know what to do anymore, she doesnt want to eat and she doesnt care if she dies, all she wants is to be really really skinny when she is already, but when she looks in the mirror all she sees her self is fat and nothing esle. She also thinks shes a bad person, i told her that she is far from that, but she thinks i am just saying that to be nice


3. I havent spoke to erin another friend in a really long time she is also depressed and last time i spoke to her she wasnt so well, she was really upset, i think she might of done something stupid be cause i have sent her emails, text messages and try to ring her but her phone is always turned off and i cant just go to her house because she lives really far away from me


4. I am really worried my nephew is going to get depression, his mother has it and he has been acting alot differant lately and will hardly talk anymore and he always look upset, i try to talk to him ask him whats wrong but he wont tell me a thing


Okay well sorry i just needed to get this outta me, i couldnt keep it inside anymore, i just cant take everything that is happening at the moment

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