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Sex after marrige...that says it all


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ill keep it simple...yay for me...i been lasting a hole year with this rule...woohooo >.> right... so its been 1 year so far...of waiting...eating my self and like i said a few month ago... traying to find a way to shut down my sex drive or something


ok well ym problem is that i been lasting all this time but in exchange of my personality in some ways...im a verry sexually active person..and my gf is but shes a girl! i dont care if some girls dont agree with me here but girls have better control at sex...i cant take this..im gonna go nuts...we flirt alot i get turned on she gets turned on and Boom she puts the wall...

"we rather stop so we dont get carried away...oh sure...ill just eat the pain of blueballs"for does who dont know what that is..is whena guy gets really horny and sudently the girl pretends hem to simply stop...the body cant accept this so it hurts! only 2 ways to get rid of it...masturbation or wait for the pain to go in like 30min..." so yea this explains my problem...i dont know what to do.. shes perfect for me in everyway...everything i ever wanted... but sexually is killing me AND DUMPING HER IS NOT AN OPTION

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Blue balls is no joke for me, sometimes it can like cripple me all day. It becomes an insane cramp worse than someone punching me in the crotch and lasts A WHOLE LOT LONGER. I am sure this is not true for everyone, but I think you get the idea. Mastrubation asap is definitely the only remedy I have.


Obviously waiting until after marriage can save a lot of trouble, conflict, emotional pain, and shows a lot of integrity. It can also obvoiusly create conflict, and really goes against every sexual evolutionary instinct humans have so it aint easy. Just remind yourself that you are doing it because you love her, and that you are doing an admirable thing that you should be proud of. Is there any possibility that you could avoid intercourse and just do "other things"?

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