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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...


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...sums up my career in it's entirety!


I had a long term permanent job until March this year (I worked there for 6 years) and hated every single moment of it. I was treated badly, so badly I stayed there so long because I didn't have the inclination to find a new job, the working environment was backstabbing and nasty and it was generally very unpleasant. Anyway to cut to the chase, I attended countless internal interviews in an attempt to progress, and never got anywhere as I was not liked by management, and they did everything in their power to make my life there a misery. I lost out to jobs to people who were well known to be lazy or poor performers which did some serious damage to my self esteem, even though in my heart, I knew I was disliked for my intelligence, strength of character and ability to think for myself.


To cut a long story short, I quit after being given the option of a demotion or the door (apparently due to "lack of funding") so I took the door.


During my employment there, I decided to take evening classes and got myself a Distinction grade at HND level in a creative, non work related subject, which I am very proud of. Holding down a stressful full time job while studying was hard work, but I did it! Yay! I qualified over a year ago.


After I left my job, I applied to a temping agency, and now have a temp job. Although the working atmosphere there is much more pleasant, I hate the work as it bores me senseless and feel like I am back to square one- in a crappy clerical office job. Also, the pay is disgraceful- I can barely afford to pay my bills and am not entitled to any paid holidays, even though I have been there for 6 months.


I have attended a couple of interviews for jobs in the creative industry, however I never seem to get anywhere, even on a basic admin level, in which I have years of experience. The industry where I live is so competetive as there are very few jobs available in my field of expertise.


I can't help wondering what I am doing wrong- I get interviews, but can never seem to gain any success from them. During interviews, I am totally myself- am relaxed and more confident than I used to be, and do not put on any airs and graces. I'm honest about my qualifications and experience and do not bad mouth my previous employers (even though the temptation is there! ) However, I do not know exactly how to judge my interview performance, so am never sure if I have done well or not.


I would like some advice from people who have been in similar situations as I feel like a bit of a lost cause- and am starting to wonder whether I did the right thing by leaving a permanent job even though I hated it- to go to a temporary job, which I don't like much either, and which the pay is much much worse. I know I should be grateful that I am actually working, but I want so badly to be in my field- I worked bloody hard for my qualification, put up with years of crap from employers and in a way, I feel like I am owed the opportunity to do a job I want to do!


Has anyone else felt the same and if so, can anyone please offer me any advice on how to move forward in my career?

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What's worked for my during job interviews

1) Smile a great deal

2) Be friendly, courteous

3) Be sure to shake their hand at the onset/end of the interview

4) Send a thank you card in the mail or by email


Here's some additional advice

(1) Being enthusiastic. By being upbeat and having a positive attitude, you'll show the interviewer within the first few seconds that you are a "can-do" person who will be an asset to their organization.


(2) Being likeable. It sounds simplistic, but it's a fact that is often overlooked... people want to work with (and hire) people they like.


(3) Being determined. You have to make it clear that you want this job more than anything else.


(4) Being informed. You need to know about the company and what they'll expect you to do for them.

Research the company ahead of time, I would spend 1 whole day researching everything about the company, their motivations, company policies, etc.

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Thank you Rose


Apologies for not being around sooner to thank you for your advise- I have had some internet connection problems as of late.


I attended an interview last week, did everything you mentioned and am currently waiting for a response. Fingers crossed I will get the job

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